Entrepreneurship in the maker world, food, health, sustainability or reindustrialization will be some of the themes that will also have their space in the Maker Faire Galicia.

These days will begin on November 18 with an opening table in which the event will be presented and which will give way to the first presentation of the day, by Yannick Roy. The co-founder and CEO of NeuroTechX, the world’s largest neurotechnology community, will tell us how this project originated and how they have evolved to form a community of more than 16,000 neurotechnology enthusiasts.

We will continue during the morning with various round tables, the first of which will deal with technologies for the world 5.0, in which specialists in different areas will tell us how these technologies can change our day to day. For this we will have Marta Pita (Researcher at the QuTech Quantum Physics Laboratory at Delft University and Young Talent Award 2019), Federico Ruiz (Head of the National 5G Observatory of Spain), Vicente Moret (Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Information Technologies at the UDC) and José Antonio Galdón (President of Cogiti).

Next, we will talk about the role of accelerators in the maker ecosystem, a table where we can learn how a project can become a large company if it receives good support, as can be the case of accelerators. And we will close the morning with the table “From Maker to Startup” in which we will learn how some projects that went through the Maker Faire Galicia in past editions have managed to become truly successful Startups. At this table we will be joined by Marcos Souto (co-founder of 3D Limitless), Bruno Moya (creator of Glassear) and will be moderated by Jose Iglesias (Senior Community Director at Techstars).

We will resume the day in the afternoon with a topic of great interest and in which more and more innovative projects arise that change our habits and way of life. It is a table on the impact of new technologies on food and health. Related to this topic is the talk that Sofía Belenguer will give right after, who will tell us about “My real food, the app that revolutionized our food”. It is precisely a good example of how technology can change our eating habits.

This is followed by the first pitchs of the selected projects that will participate in the project competition. After the pitchs we will continue with a table dedicated to digitization in the food industry, a topic of great interest in which we will talk about the application of new technologies to food preservation, how digitization has radically transformed this sector or some example of opensource in the industry.

November 19 will be the last of the professional conferences and we will open it by talking about the challenges of reindustrialization, in which we will try to discover what the new industry will be like. Jennifer González Silva (technical secretary of the Galician Aeronautical Consortium), Lorena Riveiro (Communication & Marketing Director of Asime Galicia) and Bart Kamp (Coordinator of Internationalization Affairs of the Basque Institute of Competitiveness) will help us.

The second intervention of the day will be given by Antón Vázquez and his talk “Alén Space and the makers of space”. Antón will tell us about the evolution of Alén Space from that first project that began 12 years ago until it became a benchmark as it is today. After his intervention, he will give way to the pitchs of the remaining projects.

Then we will be able to enjoy the table “The technologies that will define the new industry” in which we will analyze the role of the implementation of different technologies from the perspective of different industrial fields. For this we will have Jan Puig (director of marketing and sales of PILZ Spain and Portugal), Senén Barro Ameneiro (Director of the CiTIUS-Singular Center for Research in Intelligent Technologies of the USC) and Fran Yáñez as moderator (plant manager at TI Fluid Systems).

At the last table of the morning “The democratization of airspace” we will talk about how this area should evolve with the introduction of new forms of navigation. Tomorrow’s session will close with James Bruton, the famous inventor and youtuber from the maker world, who will come to tell us about his open project Open Dog.

In the afternoon we will enter fully into sustainability issues with the table “Circular economy, smoke or reality?”, Accompanied by Miguel Varela (CEO of Teimas Desenvolvemento), Gumersindo Feijoo (professor of Chemical Engineering at USC) and Bea Noya (project manager at BioBridges) we will discover what is the reality of this new way of understanding economics. This table will be followed by Maitane Alonso, who will speak about the revolution in food preservation exemplified through his own project. Then we can see the final of the project competition.

The penultimate table will deal with the role of energy in the present and future of the planet, where we will talk about how this sector should evolve. We will be accompanied by Francisco Silva Castaño (Iberdrola Galicia delegate), Jacobo LLoret Casal (smart industrial solutions consultant) and Beatriz García (editor of the Economics and Labor section at La Voz de Galicia).

The last table will address the textile field in which we will try to answer the following question: Can textiles be circular? To help us we will have with us Lola Dopico (doctor in Fine Arts and professor at Uvigo) who will be the moderator, Idoia Cuesta (creator, trainer and textile researcher, specialized in basket weaving.), Maria Almazán (director of LATITUDE) and Arantza Vilas (founder, owner and creative director of Pinaki Studios).

The finishing touch to these conferences will be the awards ceremony for the 3 best projects presented in the professional category of this sixth edition of the Maker Faire Galicia. If you have been wanting to attend this great event, do not forget to register.