In an age where health care is essential, this app helps us choose real food and maintain our habits through a very active community.

In recent years the Realfooding movement has grown exponentially, it is a movement that prioritizes the consumption of fresh foods or with minimal processing compared to the large ultra-processed foods that have been created with the advancement of the food industry. Ultra-processed foods were included in a large part of the diet in most of the world, becoming a food health problem.

My real food was born to help people return to a diet based on real food, learning through this app to analyze the composition of products and foods, to choose the healthiest ones. It also teaches you to prepare healthy and delicious recipes with food and to set goals to improve your lifestyle, being able to share all this with a large community through its own social network, a section where you can share publications, your progress, follow other users, etc.

Sofía Belenguer Hernández, co-Founder and CEO of MyRealFood, will come to Maker Faire Galicia to tell us in more detail about the ins and outs of this app: how this project originated and how it evolved until it reached what it is today.