On October 2015, the first MAKER FAIRE in the history of Galicia was held in Santiago de Compostela. It had an attendance of 18,202 people and 138 makers.


After the good welcome of the first edition, the Compostela Maker Faire becomes the MAKER FAIRE GALICIAIn 2017 the event celebrated its third edition strengthening its position as the most important of the Maker Fairs of the country, both in number of makers and attendees. Besides, the Galicia Maker Faire ranks among the five with most visitors in Europe, after major cities such as Rome and Paris.

The fourth edition consolidated as an annual event that works as a meeting point for the best creators of the State and helps to promote Galicia as one of the most innovative places of Spain.

With the dissemination of projects through the Maker Movement, the Galicia Maker Faire seeks to increase the concern with innovation, while generating a gathering place for the transmission of knowledge between different generations.

Maker Faire was launched for the first time in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006. The event was produced by Make: magazine . Since then, over 190 independently-produced “Mini Maker Faires” plus over 30 larger-scale Featured Maker Faires have taken place around the world

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Who are we?

Vermis Project |  Enrique Saavedra and Marcos Saavedra make up this study dedicated to educational, social and business innovation. In 2014, they created VermisLab, an educational project based on the maker movement whose objective is to explore new possibilities in the field of training, enhancing creativity and stimulating the curiosity of students for new technologies, design or science. In 2015, together with a community of Galician makers, they carry out theRecuncho Maker, SCQ’s first maker space. |


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