Facilitating the advancement of neurotechnology by creating strong communities, improving knowlege, and promoting professional development


Another year, Maker Faire Galicia intends to address all topics of interest to the maker community, especially in those newer areas. That’s why this year we are pleased to have NeuroTechX, a non-profit organization that strives to facilitate the advancement of neurotechnology by providing key resources and learning opportunities through local and global technology initiatives.

To develop their project they start from 3 basic pillars such as the community, education and professional development. They consider that to become a practical reality, neurotechnology must have a community of experts, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in this field, for which they act as facilitators and connectors of this community.

On the other hand, with their objective being to promote the advancement of neurotechnology, education is a fundamental resource and therefore NeurotechX offers accessible resources and learning opportunities for beginners or experts.

Finally, they are also in charge of generating synergies between the different innovation projects and events in this field, and at the same time that they help the industry find the talent that can allow the advancement of neurotechnology.

NeuroTechX already has nearly 16,000 neurotechnology enthusiasts worldwide, discussing neuroscience, technology and the many DIY projects in their community. In the Maker Faire Galicia 2020 we will have their co founder and Executive Director, Yannick Roy. In addition, this same year the NeuroTechX chapter in Galicia (NeuroTechGAL) began its journey and they will also be with us during the fair. 😀