From food waste to superconservation: Maitane will tell us how her food preservation machine has evolved from a simple idea to a large project


This young medical student, Maitane Alonso, became interested in food preservation when she saw how much food was left in her house every time her father cooked. This endearing scene led her to investigate microbiology and develop a first prototype that she presented at the Zientzia Azoka in Elhuyar (Euskadi) where she won first prize. From there she participated in different fairs and competitions, obtaining different awards and honorable mentions. Her participation in the Exporecerca Jove led her to obtain the award from the Catalan Biology Society and the Intel recognition, which led her to participate in the final of the World Science and Technology championship, obtaining the highest distinction in Sustainability and the second in Microbiology.

That first prototype of food preservative has evolved remarkably and this year Maitane will present it to us at the Maker Faire Galicia, telling us about the entire development process until reaching it and the learnings that emerged along the way.