Escornathon: design, print and program Escornabot

We already anticipate a large part of the activities that we are going to celebrate during the Maker Faire Galicia. And today we will tell you about a very special competition organized by the Aula Nova at CAFI Galicia (Autonomous Center for Training and Innovation). In this competition, which they call the Escornathon, the Escornabots will undergo a joint challenge run between the participants of the Maker Faire Galicia: the students, teachers and the maker community to form a traveling programming kit.

To participate in the Escornathon you must follow these steps:

1.Copy the basic piece of the Escornabot‘s analog programming.

2.Modify the piece by creating a “new programming” of the Escornabot.

3.Publish your modified piece on Tinkercad.

4.Print the piece in any color.

5.Fill out this participation form.

6.Make a postal shipment in an envelope to Aula Nova (CAFI Galicia) Rúa Lamas de Abade s / n 157002 Santiago de Compostela, do not forget to add your name behind the piece, the category in which you participate (student, teacher / ao maker) and a contact telephone number. You can participate with several pieces, all pieces must be sent before 11/20/2020.

Two very special makers will participate in this event: Pablo Rubio, maker from Zaragoza and trainer of Escornabot, and Xoan Sanpaíño, father of Escornabot and teacher trainer, who will share the limelight and functions.

In addition, participating in the Escornathon has a prize: an Escornabot assembly kit and maker material to continue developing projects. The winning pieces will be published on this website and there will be an award for the best design by the students, another for the best design by the teaching staff and a final award for the best design maker. This maker will assign his award to a Galician school and will act as a mentor, bringing his knowledge and help.

The complete information of the challenge can be found here. We are waiting for your piece, don’t miss it!