We will have benchmark speakers, innovative activities and innovative projects carried out by the students

In the sixth edition of the Maker Faire Galicia we will have a day dedicated exclusively to education that will take place on Friday, November 20. After the opening table that will start the day, we will have the pleasure of listening to Maitane Alonso, the maker who surprised MIT and NASA. Maite will talk about how he has come to be a maker and the evolution of his project from the first prototype to the present.

Next, we will talk about the different realities of educational innovation, in which we will see the different aspects that innovation takes in different educational fields. For this we will have José Viñas (professor of Biology), Teo Manzano (Marketing Director and Product Development at Steelcase), María del Camino Pereiro (director of the Plurilingual CPI Virxe da Cela) and Paz Picallo (teacher at VermisLAB) will moderate. Then we will be able to enjoy the pitchs of the educational projects that will compete to win the award in this category.

At the next table “making education more inclusive” we will talk about a fundamental issue in the educational field such as inclusion. We will be able to see different examples and perspectives of inclusion thanks to the participation of Pablo Vilariño (Tiflotechnology and Braille Instructor at ONCE), Margarita Sebastián Herranz (Psychologist at Ceapat), Javier Mur (elementary school teacher) and we will have Felo Couto (special education teacher and ICT facilitator) as moderator.

The last table will deal with the application of technology in the education sector and in it we will analyze the role of new technologies and how we can apply them successfully. We will be accompanied by Carmen Fernandez Morante (dean of the Faculty of Education Sciences at USC), Conchy Fernandez (ICT advisor at the Autonomous Center for Training and Innovation, CAFI), Carmela Salguero (teacher at VermisLAB) and will be moderated by Luz Castro (Founding partner of imaxin|software).

Parallel to these presentations we will have an exhibition of projects related to the world of education, both from educational centers and from companies or other organizations. In addition, during this day there will be numerous workshops for all ages and the first Game Maker Jam will be officially launched!

Once the presentations are over, the awards will be given to the most outstanding projects of the day.