Augmented reality, robotics, quantum computing or e-textiles workshops and activities such as mentoring for startups or the first Game Maker Jam are some of the actions proposed for this maker week.

Professional Days (Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 November)

Although there is still practically a month left for Maker Faire Galicia 2020, we can already begin to announce some of the most outstanding activities of this edition.

Bruno Moya, the maker that is democratizing the mixed reality sector with Glassear, will offer a workshop to learn how to create an augmented reality app in just 1 hour. Through the use of programs such as Unity 3D or Vuforia, Bruno will help us create an Augmented Reality mobile application, a preliminary step for the introduction to mixed reality.

Paola Guimeráns will teach us to apply new technologies in fashion, bringing us closer to a new concept that will promote a more intelligent and sustainable consumption in the sector. In this workshop you will learn about new materials, 3D printing and e-textiles, also known as electronic or smart textiles. This workshop will also be available at the education day.

The Startup Galicia community will be present again in this edition, but this time instead of the Open Space of previous editions, they will offer a mentorship for Startups. Hand in hand with experts from the community itself in business creation, business models, technology, scalability or financing, they will advise all makers interested in making a living from their project for free. More information on how to register here.

Education Day (Friday, November 20)

During the education day we will also have numerous workshops and activities, which will delight teachers and students of all ages, here are some of the most outstanding ones.

Vicente Moret-Bonillo will carry out a mathematical adventure workshop, in which different curiosities of mathematics will be explored from a pleasant and easy-to-understand perspective. He will also offer a workshop on the mystery of quantum mechanics, where he will talk about the tunnel effect, the wave-particle duality, the photoelectric effect, the Schroedinger’s cat, the Dirac prediction, the Heisenberg or Richard Feynman indeterminacy principle.

Ismael Rozas, Backend developer at IBM Research, will help us understand what quantum computing is in a simple way and for all audiences.

From VermisLAB they propose two very interesting workshops for teachers. The first of them is an introduction to computational logic, where we can learn through the development of projects with Micro: BIT, a programmable card widely used especially in the United Kingdom and that has great potential to develop STEAM activities in the classroom . The second one will be an introduction to robotics in a virtual environment with Mbot, thus allowing teachers not to depend on having the technology physically in the classroom to teach robotics.

Also for teachers is the proposal of Ferran Fabregas with a new method of teaching robotics for primary, secondary and extracurricular: the RIE method, developed by a team of various robotics teachers and with extensive accumulated experience.

Dani Sanz, from, will bring us closer to Makecode Arcade and its educational potential, creating video games. In this workshop we will review the Makecode Arcade programming environment and how it can be used in education to create thematic applications.

Finally, from Maker Faire Galicia we want to give the creation and development of video games the prominence it deserves, and for this we are going to organize our first Game Maker Jam.

Open Days (Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 November)

Finally, in the open days, which will be held on November 21 and 22, we will also have a wide variety of workshops for all audiences, which, as in previous days, will be totally free.

Asier Marzo, collaborator of the television program El Hormiguero, will teach us how to build a simple ultrasonic levator formed by two opposing ultrasonic emitters. There will be two sessions of this workshop and you will need prior registration through our registration form.

From Tropa Verde they will bring us closer to the world of recycling and sustainability thanks to Inés Lusquiños, who will give a workshop to teach us how to create recycled paper at home.

VermisLAB will also be present at the open sessions, offering us introductory robotics workshops with Micro: BIT; introduction to basic video game development; rocket science and creation and finally creative electronics with conductive clay.

Most of the workshops can be accessed directly by registering on the new Maker Faire Galicia platform and will not require prior registration. Some workshops still have the schedules to be defined, in the coming weeks all the information about them will be available on the official platform of Maker Faire Galicia.