After the great success achieved with the first Hebocon of Maker Faire Galicia this year we propose to celebrate the biggest Hebocon in Spain. Are you going to miss it?


If this is the first time you hear about a Hebocon and you’re wondering what it is, we could define it briefly as a competition of absurd robots. But four words fall short to define everything that is.

The Hebocon started in Japan in 2014. In fact, The term Hebocon comes from the Japanese word Heboi, which is used to define something that technically has some problem or is of low quality. That’s why these robots are usually made with recycled material such as engines, plastics or scrap.

After the great success achieved with the Hebocon that we celebrated last year at Maker Faire Galicia, this year we will repeat with much more strength. Luís Díaz, Julián Caro and Agustín Flowalistik will again be in charge of leading this competition that promises to be a awesome.

The interesting thing about Hebocon is that anyone can participate, even without having any technical knowledge. The perfect activity to bring technology to all kinds of audiences, from kids to adults 😉

During the two days of open doors, participants of all ages, alone, in groups or as a family, can create their robot and then participate in the Robot Workshop competition that will take place at the end of each day.

Like last year, those who want to bring their home robot can register in advance, competing in the Home Robots category, which will take place during the Faire Galicia Maker and, finally, on Sunday afternoon, the big final match will be carried out between both categories.

Do not think twice and participate in the Hebocon, check the rules here if you are going to build your robot at home and prepare to enjoy. Fun is assured! 😀