David Aguilar will give a talk in the fourth edition of Maker Faire Galicia. 


David Aguilar was born with a malformation in his arm. When he was just 9 years old, thanks to his ingenuity, he started to build an arm from basic pieces of Lego mixed with pieces of other robotic toys and tweezers.

A few years later, he finally got to build his first complete articulated arm using the pieces of a toy helicopter of his favorite brand. He did it in just 5 days! “When I move the arm the hand opens and closes, which allows me to pick up light objects and also push-ups”, he says. The arm was named MK1, which would later be followed by the MK2, made from a Lego airplane. The MK2 is a more advanced model that includes a battery that allows him to automate movements and load heavier objects. Since a few weeks ago, he has a new version of the arm, the MK3, made from a Lego crane of more than 4,000 pieces. A model much more evolved than the previous one.

David Aguilar has been designated ambassador of the Degree in Bioengineering of the International University of Catalonia (UIC) and has recently been awarded in Paris with the silver medal of the Universal League of Public Good for his services to humanity.

In his presentation at the Maker Faire Galicia people will see how the prosthesis works and how he uses them.




With the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology – Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.