David Aguilar

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MAKER is a person who blends a technical knowledge with a high creative potential, which allows him to have a great ability to solve problems and generate innovation. During the history of humanity there have always been great makers, but the significant change is that now, thanks to technology, their projects can be shared online with makers from all over the world, which allows a much more agile innovation. This has generated a very powerful movement globally known as The Maker Movement.

The Maker Movement is based on the culture of Do It Yourself and the application of the principles of free software to manufacturing. This manufacturing has been democratized, moving from large companies to the average user, thanks to the appearance of spaces such as FabLabs, Hacker Spaces or MakerSpaces and the shared knowledge generated in networks. Some experts say that the importance of this movement is such that it is giving rise to the 4rd industrial revolution.