Join this hackathon that aims to create video games during the Maker Faire Galicia

Why Game Jam? This term comes from the words “game” and “jam” which refers to “jam sessions” or musical sessions that are mostly improvised. In Game Maker Jam the objective is the creation of video game prototypes in a free, novel and almost improvised way. The first Game Jam was held in 2002 by Chris Hecker and Sean Barrett as a game design and programming event to encourage experimentation and innovation in the video game industry.

The main theme of the Game Maker Jam will be discovered during the education day (20 November) at the table “Applications of technology in education”. From that moment the competition will begin and will end on November 22 at 2:00 p.m. A jury made up of professionals and academics related to the video game sector will assess the developments and that same day the winners will be announced during the Maker Faire Galicia awards ceremony.

This competition seeks to promote creativity and the development of video games, as well as to serve as a platform on which to meet people and establish relationships between the different participants. Therefore, the intellectual property of all the content created for each game will be owned by the members of each team.

Regarding the characteristics, the competition will have a 100% online format and any person or group can participate without restrictions of any kind, the only limitation is that the same person can only be part of one team and the teams can be a maximum of 3 people.

If you want to know the evaluation criteria, all the details about the competition or register to participate in it, you can find all the information on the website created for the activity.