His passion and knowledge led him to create the open source robot Open Dog

A few years ago Boston Dynamics surprised everyone when it launched its famous dog-shaped robot, now, thanks to James Bruton, we can find a robot made with technologies from the maker world that, being open source, can be accessible to everyone.

Former toy designer, James Bruton is today a youtuber in the maker world and robotics in general. This passion for robotics has led him to create incredible open source projects that he shares with the whole world through his channel. Perhaps one of his best known projects is called Open Dog, an open source robotic dog that you can replicate in your own home.

This incredible electrical and mechanical engineer has taken do it yourself to another level with the creation of various projects such as the construction of various Star Wars droids, as well as several Marvel projects such as Iron Man and Hulkbuster among many others.

His adventure began in 2004, when he set out to build a life-size robot that could walk and could not find information on the internet, so he set out to do it himself and has not stopped ever since. At the Maker Faire Galicia he will talk about his journey and how he came to create his latest project: Open Dog.