Regemat is the new project of BRECA Health Care for the development of bioprinting, a new discipline dedicated to 3D tissue printing.


Since 2011, they have worked with research centers in more than 20 countries, specializing in different applications, from the regeneration of cartilage and skin, to the creation of live models for drug development. They are the first Spaniards specialized in this field.

José Manuel Baena, CEO of the firm BRECA Health Care, assures that the goal is to move from the 2D cultivation phase to the 3D one. “This is a new sector that is evolving very fast. Biomaterials are the future of regenerative medicine”, he says.

Regemat participates this year in the Professional Day of Maker Faire Galicia, where Manuel Figueruela García and Miguel Fernández Doblas will give a talk based on bioprinting. They will be accompanied by Carmen Álvarez, a graduate and PhD in Pharmacy from the University of Santiago de Compostela, an institution that has one of 3D printers of Regemat. That day we’ll be able to see the printer working.


Maker Faire Galicia, with the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology – Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.