If you like experimentation with new materials do not miss the workshops that will be carried out by the Materiom team, composed on this occasion by Zoe and Lara, who will come exclusively from London and Barcelona respectively to share their knowledge.


Materiom is an international digital platform that aims to allow everyone, everywhere, to participate in the next generation of materials. Formed by a global community, Materiom has the mission of sharing the “Nature Recipe Book” in an Open Source way: a broad range of materials that use, to a large extent, accessible and natural ingredients, such as beet, sage , turmeric, agar agar, algae or coffee beans used.

The simplicity and accessibility of their recipes allows anyone to create plastics and compounds from their own kitchen, FabLab or Makerspace and process them to their liking and necessity. The familiarization with them invites to discover the properties and possibilities of these materials, as well as to promote their use in new applications. The creativity focused on them will be a source of generation of new designs and products that are part of a system of circular economies.

Its mission is to promote the creation, experimentation, dissemination and use of nutritious and non-wasteful materials. Their team and community of designers, scientists, engineers and artists develop, test and adapt recipes locally. Supported by organizations and foundations such as EllenMcArthur Foundation, IDEO and Atlas of the Future, Materiom visualizes a world in which plastics supply life systems instead of finish them.

The Materiom team will offer us two workshops of 2 hours each where you can become makers of materials.


Maker Faire Galicia, with the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology – Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.