Made up of professionals from the technology sector, consultants, students or simply people interested in technology, Glastech is a group of women whose goal is the diversity within the Galician technology community.


GalsTech will give, within the program of the fourth edition of the Maker Faire Galicia, a conference structured in 5 talks given by six professionals of the sector. Firstly we will see María Saez and Verónica Pérez on stage, María is a top SEO consultant and Verónica a project coordinator for Bahía Software, talking about why communities matter. Next up Jéssica Martínez, a junior software developer, will give us an understanding of HTML and CSS. Ana Cidre, a developer advocate for Ultimate Angular will follow and will talk about what a Google Developer Expert is and how to become one. Mercedes Rodríguez is specialised in ChatBots and will talk about Actions on Google. Last but not least we will have Esperanza González, who is a very promising upcoming frontend developer and will discuss functional programming with JavaScript.

The Galstech talks will be open to everyone, suitable for both a beginner audience and a more advanced audience. The promotion of respect for diversity and inclusion are the basic values that they defend, values that we also share and support from Maker Faire Galicia.

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Maker Faire Galicia, with the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology – Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.