This year we’ll have, for the first time, a day aimed exclusively to the professional sector, in which we will have international representatives in the field of innovation. The event will take place on the morning of November 24 at the Centro Gaiás Museum in the City of Culture of Galicia.


Debates on technology, innovation, intelligent productivity and the Maker Movement are part of a a program that includes, among others, the lecture by Tomás Garces, Lead Design Engineer in First Build, a worldwide reference project in innovation and that was carried out by General Electrics; or the one by Arian Group and Edesdev, to name just a few. In addition, there will be an exhibition space in which attendees can learn first-hand examples of the most innovative Galician makers. The act will conclude with an awards ceremony for the most innovative project exhibited during that day.

Companies interested in attending this day can register through a form enabled on our website.

We aim to be a meeting point between the makers and the most advanced industry, favoring the emergence of synergies that can lead to a fluid collaboration between these two complementary worlds. The companies will be able to know the most innovative technological projects carried out by makers and the makers will have a great opportunity to get potential partners.