Well known as the “father of free software”, Richard Stallman will give a lecture within the programming of the Galicia Maker Faire. 


Richard Stallman is one of the most significant figures of the worldwide free software movement. He’s known for creating in 1983 the GNU operating system, currently part of GNU / Linux, the first alternative to the main proprietary operating systems: Windows and MacOS. He has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Grace Hopper Award given by the Association for Computing Machinery by Emacs. With the creation of the GNU operating system, he laid the foundations of the free software movement, where everyone is free to copy, distribute and change the system. Currently the GNU / Linux system is used by tens of millions of computers. Through its foundation Free Software Foundation, Stallman seeks to raise awareness in society, and especially governments, to use free software both in institutions and public schools.


Richard Stallman’s lecture will be one of the highlights of this third edition of Maker Faire Galicia, which will also feature numerous entertainment activities aimed at all audiences and disciplines: innovation and creativity workshops, drone championships, robotics , interactive performances and much more.

You can watch and download Richard’s talk here.